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  • Jane Shen

The Growth of AI in Singapore

The government has identified AI as one of Singapore’s four core technologies essential to its push to become “digitally ready”. However, the proponents of national AI adoption in Singapore must bridge the massive gap between public awareness and AI complexity, and automation versus job creation or adaptation, as Singapore steadily advances to national AI adoption.

Businesses need to emphasise 'explainable' AI and utilise clean datasets for training. If their target markets know how, when, and why their personal data are used, and know that they will not be discriminated against or turned away outright for financial, medical, and government services-the better they will accept AI. Additionally, while we all know that machines can do our work, we need to make sure that they are up to the task.

Pensees believes in training our machines well to be just as good decision makers as humans are, teaching them to navigate data with the right context and comprehend its meaning. Our technology is constantly updated and improved, and we do extensive R&D to ensure our machines deliver results. We aim to make AI understandable and usable for every customer, in order to play a key role in the next generation of AI and contribute to the future of intelligent revolution.

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