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Leveraging AI Technology for Safety and Efficiency in the Construction Sector

Despite being a key sector in Singapore, the construction sector remains one of the most hazardous industries. In 2022, there has been a worrying spike in the number of workplace fatalities across industries including construction, totalling up to twenty-one cases as of May this year. According to the Ministry of Manpower, at least a third of these accidents could have been prevented if basic safety control measures had been adhered to. As we adapt to the post-pandemic world, the recovery of the construction sector should also be accompanied by the strengthening of safety capabilities and a greater commitment to adhere to best practices to safeguard worksites and spaces.

At Pensees, we offer a range of AI and IoT solutions to strengthen safety and security management in the construction sector:

1. Intelligent Prevention of Safety Accidents

With face recognition technology and intelligent video analysis of human behaviour, rapid warnings will be triggered when dangerous operations, falling-over risks and deviation from pre-set routes are identified in the course of construction work. As human error and lack of risk awareness continue to be major concerns, AI technology is well-poised to serve as an additional safety net for workers. It will also be able to pinpoint break-ins to restricted areas in construction sites, alerting relevant personnel to take timely action.

2. Time Management System (TMS)

Using Facial Recognition technology, Pensees PesGuard automatically monitors the flow of workers in and out of an assigned area. Relevant personnel will be aware of which workers are present in real-time, with individual hours at site and check-in/check-out records logged into a Cloud database. By keeping a precise real-time count, early warnings can also be carried out to ensure that the number of worksite personnel in a certain area does not exceed or fall below a certain limit at any given time, thereby eliminating potential safety hazards. The TMS is especially useful for construction projects, where keeping count of workers and management of site movement can be challenging and tedious otherwise.

Under our partnership initiative with Novade for Pensees Novade Connect Integration, seamless integration with Novade’s construction management software also allows for easy transfer of data and control of attendance records, be it on or off the worksite.

3. Electronic Productivity Submission System (ePSS) Reports

Manpower usage monitored using the Time Management System (TMS) can be processed for generation of ePSS reports, making for convenient and accurate calculation of workforce efficiency. A Cloud template complying with BCA standards has been specially designed for this purpose, which can be exported in Excel format.

By providing comprehensive and consistent video surveillance and analysis, AI technologies will be able to alleviate the workload of management, reduce costs, promote more productive use of manpower, and ensure on-site safety at all times.

Learn more about our AI technologies to improve the safety of your workplace.

Contact James Cai at +65 97518276 or the Pensees Sales Hotline at +65 8893 0056 for any enquiries.

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Jane Shen
Jane Shen
Jul 07, 2022


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