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Jane Shen Shengmei Listed as One of World’s Most Influential Women in Tech, 2022

In May 2022, World’s Leaders Magazine unveiled its list of “World’s Most Influential Women in Tech, 2022”, featuring eight female business leaders in the technology industry as well as their stories and interviews.

In the last several years, women in tech have been cracking the industry’s glass ceiling, and it is predicted that large global technology firms will reach an average of nearly one-third of overall female representation in their workforces by 2022. Navigating a traditionally male-dominated field, these eight women, among many others, have made substantial and

inspiring progress in their respective technological fields while empowering more females with their successes.

Pensees’ Chief Scientist and Managing Director, Jane Shen Shengmei, has been named on this list as one of the world’s most influential women in the technology industry.

Jane Shen joined Pensees Pte Ltd in 2019, scouted into a leading position by virtue of her impressive track record of record-breaking results and experience in a large Japanese conglomerate. She has played an indispensable role in setting up the research institute in Singapore, leading the company to attain world records in various fields of Artificial Intelligence technology, and navigating the company through the tumult of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, she continues to be responsible for the technology direction, development and deployment, as well as the operations, business development, sales and marketing of the company.

“I am passionate about new technology, especially AI technology development. I am always interested in how artificial intelligence technology can bring benefits and improve lives,” Shen says, when asked about who she is as a person. “At the same time, I am also passionate about leading people and managing a team in a professional way to realize corporate goals, including sales and business goals.”

Shen recounts her youth, where she found inspiration in great scientists like Nobel Prize winner Madame Curie, and how she became interested in how technology can change businesses.

Commitment, open-mindedness, diligence, teamwork and a “Can-Do” spirit are values that Shen holds in high regard. “What has made me successful is my passion, clarity, and ability to work strategically,” Shen says. She also lists a good corporate system, a platform for all to work professionally and a strong supportive culture as her priorities at work. Amongst 180 companies shortlisted, Pensees attained the title of “Best Companies to Work For in Asia 2020”, awarded by HR Asia magazine.

Under her leadership, Pensees Pte Ltd has won several project Proof-of-Concept (POC) competitions in the open market and has spearheaded innovation in the fields of AI facial recognition and video analytics.

While she strives to break new ground in the technology industry, Shen continues to inspire and influence more women in tech to take up leadership positions. To these up-and-coming leaders, she advises, “Be humble, sincere, and lead with confidence and clarity.”

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