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  • Jane Shen

Smart Health: Our Medicine Dispensary System

In the age of artificial intelligence, we must look to shorten our day-to-day processes for maximum efficiency at minimum effort. This is why Singapore has embarked on the mission of becoming a Smart Nation, and as a leading artificial intelligence product and services provider, Pensees has developed a line of technology aimed at achieving this purpose.

We have developed a medicine dispensary system aimed at simplifying administrative processes for our beloved healthcare workers.

Our PESGuard device automatically recognises residents and displays their medication records, saving manpower spent on verifying identities of hospital residents and time spent on searching up their medication records.

Staff nurses on duty will read specific medication records during the designated time slot. Medication taken by residents can be recorded and verified more quickly. Maintain records of medication taken by your residents along with doctor and nurse confirmations. For full transparency and accountability, a full audit trail and records are available.

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