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Pensees Winner of IT Leader Award 2021 (Entrepreneur) organised by Singapore Computer Society

We are pleased to announce that Pensees Singapore has clinched the IT Leader Award 2021: Tech Heroes From Crisis (Entrepreneur). IT Leader Award 2021 is organised by Singapore Computer Society, supported by GovTech Singapore, Infocomm Media Development Authority, e2i, Skills Future Singapore and Workforce Singapore.

The IT Leader Awards aim to recognise outstanding achievements of experienced industry leaders and young entrepreneurs who have contributed to the vibrant and competitive Infocomm Technology (ICT) industry in Singapore. Established in 1997, the longest running local tech awards continue to be a key industry platform to acknowledge industry veterans and young innovators who spearhead the industry’s transformation, growth and development.

This year's special themed award seeks to recognise those who have made a positive impact to the community during this crisis. The IT Leader Award 2021: Tech Heroes From Crisis (Entrepreneur) recognizes individuals or teams in the small, medium or large companies that demonstrated strong entrepreneurship abilities by successfully pivoting their digital business or services during the COVID-19 crisis to respond to new market realities and business requirements.

Pensees Singapore

Photo: Pensees Singapore PESGuard team consist of R&D, AI deployment & QA, BD & Sales management

As a leading AI and loT company in Asia, Pensees has taken a deep dive into the development of face recognition technology which provides identity verification solutions. Equipped with Pensees’ latest AI algorithms of face recognition and technology of near-infrared liveness detection, our PESGuard Face Recognition Door Access Temperature Monitoring System achieves face recognition and identity verification of high efficiency and accuracy with mask detection. Moreover, Pensees is honoured to be listed among Top 5 by the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for achieving exemplary face recognition accuracy with face masks in August 2020.

Based on a report by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), it is forecasted for the economy to shrink by a record of 5 per cent to 7 per cent in 2020 from the impacts of COVID-19. With weaker demands, businesses are likely to earn less revenue and there is a need to switch to more cost-saving production practices to lower cost and remain profitable. This gives rise to the importance in adoption of technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), in terms of automation of operation services to reduce labour cost and increase efficiency. According to Minister Iswaran, the infocomm technology (ICT) sector has expanded by 3.5 per cent from January to March in 2020 despite the hits Singapore's economy took due to the disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can benefit in the long run and be better prepared for unpredictable situations by adapting quickly and equipping themselves with existing technologies in the market.

As a company with an industry leading AIoT platform, Pensees has made full use of its technological advantages in computer vision, edge intelligence and other fields in this pandemic. Our Singapore based algorithm development team have worked on launching our own IP product - PESGuard Face Recognition Door Access Temperature Monitoring System. This latest technology from Pensees can be used to help ease administrative efforts during COVID-19 and manage some of the immediate challenges such as contact tracing. Today, we have over 200 customers and our device has been deployed in more than 500 locations all around Singapore to cater to enterprises’ demand for temperature monitoring and attendance taking of personnel entering designated premises.

With a closed-loop business model including AI, IoT, SaaS, Pensees also provides intelligent IoT hard-wares, cloud services and AIoT-based solutions for smart communities and smart businesses. Additionally, our state-of-art video analytics capabilities hold the promise on surveillance and smart city applications, realized from Pensees’ in-house developed intelligent computer vision algorithms for detection of anomaly behaviours and incident events amongst others.

Speak to us to understand how your business can incorporate technology solutions such as AI and loT as key enablers for digital transformation.

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