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  • Jane Shen

Pensees Selected in Phase 4's Tencent AI Accelerator Top 40 List

As a key technology for New Infrastructure, artificial intelligence is becoming the core driving force towards industrial digital upgrading. Integrating with 5G, big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, a new industry momentum will be formed.

Since the launch of the global recruitment in September last year, more than 1,000 top-notch AI companies have signed up for the Tencent AI Accelerator, with 40 companies being shortlisted. Finalized candidates for Phase 4's Tencent AI Accelerator have gone through a multi-dimensional selection process with shortlisted rate at only 4%.

Tencent AI Accelerator will work hand in hand with Phase 4 finalists to mutually create industry solutions, consolidate foundations for industry developments, focus on top-end design for artificial intelligence standardization, and jointly build the AI industrial ecology to promote sustainable development of the AI industry.

Tencent AI Accelerator is an important component of Tencent’s industrial accelerator. Backed by Tencent’s industrial ecological investments and relying on the core technology of Tencent’s AI Lab Matrix, Tencent Cloud’s platform, computing capabilities and rich application scenarios, it aims to provide comprehensive support for selected company projects at various levels, including courses, technology, funding, ecology, and branding.

The current phase of AI Accelerator will offer guidance for selected company projects on areas including macro-level strategic layouts and real-life business growth tactics through the adoption of a two-in-one industrial acceleration system for industrial thinking and actual enterprise growth acceleration.

At the level of industrial thinking, development reasonings behind commercial civilization will be discussed through macro topics such as macro trends, strategic development, organization culture and capital planning. Moreover, evolution of industrial developments will be elaborated through Tencent’s practices including product approaches, technology foresights, growth cases and digital ecology. Ultimately, the root issues underlying industrial developments will be analysed through industry Know-How such as in-depth visits to benchmarking enterprises and exclusive resources provided by alumni companies.

At the level of actual enterprise growth acceleration, collaborations will be established to support selected candidates accelerate their business processes through joint project practices and personalized assistance from Tencent expert groups. In addition, first-line VC will be reached through the “V + Plan” to help enterprises accelerate their corporate financing procedures. Finally, through initiating partnership with the Tencent Cloud City Partners’ Specialized Plan, hundreds of millions worth of capital can be realized to support industrial business opportunities.

Lastly, Pensees Technology is also honoured to be selected as one of the only three “Enterprises highly prioritized by the VC Institution”. Value-added rewards including cloud resource packs and market resource packs will be provided for chosen companies in helping them to obtain more development opportunities.

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