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  • Jane Shen

Pensees’ Mascot – The Owl

Ever wondered what the cute little mascot of Pensees is and what it means? Yes, it is the Owl!

The “Owl” is symbolic of acute sharpness, knowledge and its ability to see. In fact, the owl symbolism is interpreted differently throughout history and different cultures. Nonetheless, throughout the cultures, it is believed that the owl brings happiness, wealth, health, and love.

Owls are intelligent creatures and they can see better than humans in night time darkness.

With the drive towards digitalisation, Pensees’ Video Analytics for Fighting Detection has the unique feature to also be able to spot fighting in pitch darkness. The Fighting detection system uses a new technique which has resulted in Pensees filing a new patent. It is able to achieve outstanding performance with high accuracy and precision, with minimal false alarm. With Pensees’ Video Analytics, security officers no longer need to watch surveillance monitoring systems for long hours, and it would not overlook any incidents, compared to the human eye.

Countering the human eye, the fighting detector is also to detect violent activity under cameras in different lighting conditions, including a pitch dark room that is not visible to the human eye! Pensees’ Video Analytics can detect fighting in the night time without the lighting turned on! Linking this to the owl, Pensees has proven to be able to think ahead of the time, to create new unique solutions to solve modern world problems and inefficiencies.

Pensees means “thought” in French, and it is with deep thinking through deep learning that we develop solutions to meet today’s needs.

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