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  • Jane Shen

Pensees embarks on New Development in Time Management Software

With a fragmented workforce in a hybrid working environment, one wonders how to gain greater productivity of its staff members. For those working in an environment, where there are shift workers in the construction or factory environments, data crunching and calculating attendance for payroll can be quite cumbersome.

Even after a year and a half tackling the check-ins and check-outs of employees and workers, is there a better way of managing employees/workers’ data?

Pensees Systems in Singapore is always on the lookout to provide value-added service to our customers. We have recently developed a Time Management Software (PesTMS), which is able to integrate the information on PesGuard, our facial recognition Access control system.

Customers who purchase the PesGuard, which uses facial recognition technology for door access, can now also manage the data through our newly developed PesTMS. The PesTMS software has the following features, which would help you and the company to have greater productivity:

· Real time and history of people count;

· Employee working hours and Attendance report;

· Employees management;

· Department management with organisation chart;

· Account Management

In addition, there would be a dashboard which would allow users to see critical information in a glance. Generating a report to calculate employees’/workers’ overtime is also now be made easy with the PesTMS.

Hurry now and check it out with us.

To learn more about our cutting-edge technology and Time Management software, contact us today!

Website: Tel: 8893 0056 (Sales Line) 6969 8658 (General Line) | Email:

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