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  • Jane Shen

Pensees awarded Deloitte's "2019 China's High-Tech and High-Growth Rising Stars"

Committed to discovering of rapid growing and continuous innovating outstanding enterprises, the "2019 China's Top 50 High-Tech and High-Growth Rising Stars Awards Ceremony" was held in Chengdu on November 20. The selection was hosted by Deloitte China and has been held for 14 consecutive years, witnessing the solid strength and rapid growth of Chinese high-tech companies. With its innovative technological advantages and high-growth development in the field of artificial intelligence, Pensees has stood out from more than 100 companies and won the "2019 China Rising Star".

China's high-tech and high-growth rising stars’ selection project is one of the world's top growing companies’ selection series hosted by Deloitte. It was founded in Silicon Valley in the United States in 1995 and annually held in dozens of countries at the same time. It entered China in 2005 and was honored "Benchmark of global high-growth enterprises", "The Oscars in tech area". China's top 50 companies will automatically become candidates for the Asia Pacific 500. World-class leaders such as Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Alibaba, and Tencent got the award in previous selection projects.

Deloitte's "Rising Stars of China" aims to recognize outstanding companies that have been established for a short time but have taken the lead in their industries and have great growth potential. This year's selection is based on the theme of “accumulating abundantly and breaking forth vastly—innovation returns to the nature of business”. The evaluation criteria are enterprise valuation, founding team, technological innovation and industry prospects. Companies participating in must have leading technology and feasible business models and have a broad space for growth in its industry segments. Meanwhile, the company should be a leader in this field. After rounds of competitions lasting for four months, 8 AI companies including Pensees were finally on the list.

Earlier, Deloitte and the Management Committee of Chaoyang Sci-Tech Estate, a member of the Zhongguancun Sci-Tech Estate, jointly released the first "2019 Top 20 High-Tech and High-Growth Rising Stars". Pensees has also been shortlisted for the "Rising Star" by virtue of its technological innovation and practical application in the field of AI.

Since its establishment, Pensees has been recognized by top institutions such as Hongtai Fund, IDG Capital, and industrial capital such as 360 and Foxconn. The company focuses on computer vision and Internet of Things technology and keeps deepening in vertical industries such as security to become the industry's leading AI cutting-edge enterprise. Up to now, Pensees's dynamic portrait database has accumulated more than 10 billion, and it has been able to run 100,000+ of front-end intelligent devices online smoothly, helping to solve more than 5,000 cases of various types. Solutions for various industries have landed in more than 50 cities nationwide, covering safe cities, smart communities, smart parks, smart transportation, and smart manufacturing.

Winning the "2019 Star of Tomorrow" signifies that Pensees's high-innovation, high-growth, and high-potential development has been recognized by the industry and authoritative organizations. It shows that Pensees's core competitiveness and leading position in the AI area. As an AI company specializing in computer vision and Internet of Things technologies which provides "people-centric" industrial comprehensive application solutions, Pensees will continue to adhere to technological innovation; keep on exploring cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies; strive to build a leading visual AIoT platform in the global context and promote the implementation of AI industrialization.

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