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Pensees Awarded by IDC “Typical Enterprises Contributing to Pandemic Prevention and Control with AI”

On March 23, IDC, a well-known international research institution, released the report "COVID-19 Stimulates Data Intelligence Market's Leap Forward". The report focuses on COVID-19’s impacts on artificial intelligence and big data markets, panoramic application of data intelligence technology, and typical enterprises’ measures. As one of the AI companies in China that deliver intelligent non-contact temperature measurement solutions in the shortest time, Pensees is awarded by IDC “Typical Enterprises Contributing to Pandemic Prevention and Control with AI” based on its full industrial chain technologies that serve joint pandemic prevention and control in key places.

According to the report, the AI industry under the influence of the pandemic will show a trend of "go down and then rebound". The annual growth rate of AI market in 2020 is expected to be 27.9%. The pandemic has accelerated deployment of AI applications. After the outbreak, forces from all walks of life have quickly responded with application of AI capabilities, big data tracking and judgment capabilities, and robotic services to various aspects of pandemic prevention and control, in which these digital technologies, data intelligence have shown significant value. The report emphasizes that as one of the mainstream computer vision manufacturers, Pensees mainly serves the joint pandemic prevention and control of key places. With its full industrial chain technologies of AIoT, it is the first to launch infrared thermal imaging temperature screening products. It offers standardized AIoT front-end devices and a cloud management platform. Its front-end devices include two types: Intelligent Portable FR and Thermal Temperature Monitoring System, Intelligent FR Access Control System with an Integrated Thermal Temperature Monitoring Module, which are respectively applicable to high-traffic scenarios and access control/turnstile scenarios. During temperature screening, front-end data is uploaded to a public cloud through the edge side via AI computing. Face recognition algorithm optimized for masked faces supports face recognition as well as mask detection while body temperature is being measured.

▲ Eco-mapping of AI Enterprises Contributing to Pandemic Prevention and Control

In terms of technology, Pensees’s temperature measurement products adopt a framework of "cloud+edge+end" to realize front-end device networking, enabling real-time data synchronization to cloud platform for analysis, which provides a decision basis for pandemic prevention and control. In terms of product design, Pensees’s products focus on user experience and can be quickly deployed for usage. Its portable system can be installed by users and deployed remotely by staff. The integrated access control adopts a plug-and-play module design as preparation for extended product life by component replacement after the pandemic. Besides, Pensees’ Intelligent FR Access Control System with an Integrated Thermal Temperature Monitoring Module adopts a minimalist design regarding appearance, provides the option of wrist temperature measurement, delivering smooth user experience.

During the pandemic, Pensees’s temperature measurement systems have been used in railway stations, subways, hospitals, schools, communities, government agencies, and corporate offices in Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Anhui and other places, with an average daily measurement of 100,000 times. In the application cases, Innovita (Tangshan) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. acts as a manufacturer of COVID-19 test kit, and Pensees contributes to its work resumption with the Intelligent FR Access Control System with an Integrated Thermal Temperature Monitoring Module.

Intelligent FR Access Control System with an Integrated Thermal Temperature Monitoring Module

The digital economy is entering a new stage of "smart economy" with AI as the core driving force. And this has been reflected in this pandemic.

The Assistant Research Director Lu Yanxia of China Region at IDC believes that the industrial revolution driven by AI and big data has been fully reflected in this pandemic and has also achieved initial success. After the pandemic, technology providers need to consider how to transform the new customers acquired during the pandemic to regular customers, how to develop long-term AI product planning based on integrated pandemic practices, and to avoid entering the AI application red sea market in the pandemic as well as improve automated deployment capabilities.

In the future, based on practices of the pandemic prevention and control, Pensees will continue to integrate AIoT, 5G, big data, cloud computing and other full-chain technologies, deepen the AIoT vertical industry, dig deeper into scenarios under user needs, focus on application landing, and strive to become the world's leading visual AIoT platform, so as to provide outstanding AIoT full industry chain technologies, software and hardware solutions in fields of safe cities, intelligent communities, smart parks, intelligent transport and intelligent manufacturing, and promotes social intelligent governance.

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