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  • Jane Shen

Pandemic Solutions: Temperature Monitoring & Facial Recognition Product - PesGuard

Introducing our PesGuard product, a one-stop solution to all your virus-control needs.

PesGuard is a Facial Recognition Access Control System with Temperature Monitoring enabled with TraceTogether-Only SafeEntry Gateway.

  • PesGuard comes with a People Counting function and automatically generates attendance reports and temperature reports. It can thus be used for attendance management, such as adding and managing attendance shifts, setting working hours and clock-in/clock-out time.

  • PesGuard can be accessed remotely, making it easily accessible for work-from-home scenarios. Users will receive automated check-in or check-out alerts by phone or email.

  • PesGuard can hold up to 30,000 profiles in the local database, and boasts a maximum recognition time of 0.3 seconds and a minimum recognition accuracy of 99.9%.

  • PesGuard has a flexible scenario-based deployment of plug-and-play module combination with options such as fingerprint recognition, temperature measurement, face ID verification, and speaker.

  • PesGuard can be programmed to have blacklisting capabilities, where access control alerts will be triggered and access blocked when there are suspicious personnel present.

  • PesGuard can be scheduled to have specified periods for application of access by face recognition

  • PesGuard can be personalised with your preferred choice of screen savers

At present, Pensees has over 600 customers in Singapore using our PesGuard product. We provide a 1-year warranty with local technical support.

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