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Inventory | Step by Step with Innumerable Great Results, a Glance of Pensees's Year-end Big Events

2019, from spring to winter

We have paid a lot and also gained a lot

Fast changing, Ebb and flow

In 2020, we will remain true to our original aspiration and move forward

Fully load harvest, set sail again


Let us have a review of Pensees's wonderful events at year-end.

Blockbuster Awards

1. The most influential innovative companies in the IoT field in 2019

"New Force Summit · 2019 Annual CEO Summit & Hunting Cloud Network Venture Capital Awards Ceremony" was held in Beijing on December 10-11. This annual event brought together nearly a hundred investors, 5000+ entrepreneurs, and 100+ media, and made a comprehensive summary and sorting out of China's new economic system. After nearly three months of registration, online voting, and comprehensive evaluation by offline professional jury, the conference screened dozens of the most representative innovative companies from the fields of corporate services, fintech, big health industry, biomedicine, smart cities, smart manufacturing, AI chips, IoT and other fields. The awards were awarded to pay tribute to this group of innovators who have contributed to the development of the new economy through awards. With its solid technical strength and rapid product penetration capabilities, Pensees was awarded the "Top 10 Most Influential Innovative Companies in the IoT Field in 2019".

2. 2019 China's Top 100 Innovative Growing Enterprises

On December 18th, CYZone China Future Business Summit & 2019 Entrepreneur China Annual Conference was held in Beijing. With the theme of "Endless game", the summit gathered Chinese business innovation forces, shared innovation and venture capital experience, and explored "Endless game" in the new business cycle. At the scene, CYzone announced the 2019 list of the top 100 innovative growing companies in China. With its innovative technological advantages and rapid development, Pensees stood out from hundreds of companies and was selected into the "Top 100 Chinese Innovative Growth Enterprises of 2019".

3. TOP 20 AI companies that influenced the times

On December 18th, the "2019 Annual Truth Conference" hosted by venture capital media Pencilnews was grandly held. The theme of the conference was "Integration of Entrepreneurship and Industry". Nearly 1,000 representatives of investment institutions and startup companies were invited on the site. In the "True List · Innovative Enterprise List" released on the same day, Pensees was honored as "Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies Affecting the Times". "Pencilnews · True List 2019" is the fourth list produced by Pencilnews, through reviewing early-stage venture investment strategies and popular areas, it explored the truth of the venture capital circle, studied new trends, and released the 2019 truthful venture capital circle list and selected a group of innovative companies and investment institutions that could truly influence the times.

4. ToB industry influence — Top20 innovative companies

On December 11th, 3W Group’s self-media ToB Headline officially released the “ToB industry influence value list · innovation list”. As a leading artificial intelligence emerging company, Pensees, with its leading computer vision technology in the industry, successfully selected into the "ToB industry influence value list · innovation list". In the selection, ToB Headline aimed to find companies who were highly innovative and had always led the development of the industry. At the same time, Industry Headline also hoped to foresee the future direction of the Chinese ToB market through this selection.

The performance of Pensees in 2019 was outstanding, leading the industry in product implementing and algorithm technology, and has been recognized by many authoritative institutions, media and customers. At present, it has won the QbitAI "China's Artificial Intelligence Leaders TOP50" and Deloitte "2019 China High Technology and High Growing Tomorrow's Star", CIO Advisor "2019 Asia-Pacific's Hottest AI Company", SCE "China's Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies of the Year" and many other awards.

Caring from Leaders

1. Zhai Lixin, Secretary of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park

From October 24th to 27th, the 22nd China Beijing International High-tech Expo was held at China International Exhibition Center. Pensees was invited to attend and show the company's new technology, new products and brand-new industry solutions.

During the exhibition, Zhai Lixin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and director of the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, came to Pensees's booth and expressed his affirmation of Pensees's products and technologies. He recognized products implementing of Pensees using artificial intelligence technologies such as face recognition in various industrial scenarios such as safe cities, smart campuses, and intelligent manufacturing.

In addition, Secretary of the Haidian District Party Committee, Secretary of the Huairou District Party Committee and the four teams, and Vice President of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment company came to view the booth, and encouraged local companies such as Pensees to actively participate in the construction of smart cities and to effectively promote the healthy development of high-tech industries.

2. Liu Jianguo, Member of Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor of Weifang research

On December 5th, Liu Jianguo, member of the Standing Committee of Weifang Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the Municipal Government, and his party came to Pensee for field research. Wang Zhong, Vice President of Pensees accompanied the visit and had a discussion with the leaders.

Liu Jianguo and his party first visited a series of examples of Pensees's smart products and solutions, and then listened to Wang Zhong's report on the company's development and learned about the progress of Pensees's technological innovation and application in the artificial intelligence industry. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the implementation of technology, the combination of AI and industry.

Industry-University-Research Activities

1. Becoming member units of the national "face recognition" and "behavior recognition" working groups

On November 20th, Pensees officially joined the Biometric Identification Sub-Committee of the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee and became a member of the two working groups of "Face Recognition" and "Behavior Recognition" to comprehensively promote the development of national standards for face recognition and help national AI governance.

2. Xidian University Alumni Association visited Pensees

In order to uphold the alumni’s work purpose of “liaison, service, cooperation and development” and promote the common development of the alumni and school causes, on December 29th, Jiang Yanfei, chief of Xidian University Alumni Association led a team of more than 20 people to visit Pensees. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the development status of artificial intelligence, the advancement of Pensees's artificial intelligence strategy, and the products implementing process. They also exchanged views on Pensees's cooperation with Xidian University in technical cooperation and student recruitment. Ma Yuan, founder and CEO of Pensees, accompanied the visiting team and participated in the discussion.

The cooperation between Pensees and Xidian University has been based on the core algorithm advantages of Pensees Beijing and Singapore Research Institutes and relying on the unique advantages of Xidian University in the subject of artificial intelligence to establish in-depth industry-university-research development cooperation. In the future, Pensees will continue to strengthen close cooperation with universities at home and abroad, give play to the respective advantages of enterprises and universities in the field of artificial intelligence technology research, explore new models for the training of artificial intelligence professionals, and more effectively promote the cooperation between industry, university and research, and promote the development of artificial intelligence industry.

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