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Fight COVID-19 | AI Devices Donated to Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital by Pensees Put into Use

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Beijing, as an important international city, is facing a sudden increase in the risk of imported cases from overseas. In order to precisely strengthen the prevention and control of imported cases from overseas, in mid-March, Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, which had played a landmark role in the SARS outbreak 17 years ago, was reopened after repairs. The Intelligent Portable FR and Thermal Temperature Monitoring System donated by Pensees to the hospital has been deployed and put into use since the end of March, exerting its AI power in the fight against the pandemic.

The hospital mainly provides treatment to personnel returning to Beijing from overseas, including those in need of screening, suspected cases, and diagnosed patients with mild or moderate symptoms. Up to now, it has accommodated more than 2,000 people returning to Beijing from overseas in need of screening.

▲Pensees’s Intelligent Portable FR and Thermal Temperature Monitoring System put into use in Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital

Pensees’s Intelligent Portable FR and Thermal Temperature Monitoring System has been deployed and put into use in canteen and other areas of the highest instantaneous traffic in the hospital. Non-contact temperature screening and masked face recognition are provided to medical staff and logistics personnel. As such, traffic efficiency is increased while gathering risk is lowered.

As a company with an industry-leading AIoT platform, Pensees has made full use of its technological advantages in computer vision, edge intelligence and other fields. In this pandemic, it is the first to launch a cloud-edge-end intelligent comprehensive solution to non-contact body temperature screening. Since its launch on February 6, the system and the Intelligent FR Access Control System with an Integrated Thermal Temperature Monitoring Module of various models have been deployed and put into use in hospitals, office buildings, government service centers, schools and other scenarios.

Pensees’ Intelligent Portable FR and Thermal Temperature Monitoring System that serves Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital consists of a portable main processing unit (MPU) and a thermal camera (or cameras). With an infrared/visible light dual-channel imaging system, Pensees’s inhouse-developed face recognition and pedestrian ReID technologies, the system enables non-contact body temperature measurement, real-time calibration of temperature sensor, automatic alert of person with fever, temperature record synchronization to cloud platform and more. The system is able to perform non-contact temperature measurements within 3 meters with a measurement error of no more than 0.3°C (with black body). It also supports up to four cameras to one strong processing capability MPU, and each camera harbors simultaneous temperature measurement of up to 16 targets. Flexible deployment and local networking are supported. Therefore, the system can be installed by users under remote deployment of Pensees’ staff, ensuring fast deployment and usage.

Pensees’s Intelligent Portable FR and Thermal Temperature Monitoring System

To support the fight against the pandemic, Pensees has actively responded to the call of relevant departments of China. For one thing, it has donated anti-pandemic devices to medical staff in designated hospitals such as Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital and Wuhan Hankou Hospital. For another, it has supported work and schooling resumption in various industries, strengthening the fortress of pandemic prevention and control, and practicing "AI for social good".

At present, Pensee's intelligent non-contact body temperature measurement products have been listed in the recommendation list of new anti-pandemic technologies, products and services by government organizations and associations such as China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, CCID Alliance of Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation (AAIII). Next, Pensees will continue to use its advantages of AIoT platform, strengthen its R & D and production efforts, and deepen the anti-pandemic scenarios in various industries, to provide AI power for winning the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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