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Double Surprises Open the New Year | Pensees Won Two Industry-leading and Influential Awards

On 16th January, the cutting-edge technology media and industrial service platform Synced released the winner list of "2019 Synced Machine Intelligence Awards". And Pensees was awarded the “30 Most Innovative AI Products/Solutions of the Year” with its "multidimensional and informationized public security solution".

The annual “Synced Machine Intelligence Awards” of Synced is an industry-leading and influential award in the field of AI. Within nearly two months of registration, Synced selection had attracted globally nearly a thousand leading enterprises and startups from AI industry.

The biggest difference between this selection and the previous ones is that it pays more attention to the strength of the industry, and conducts the selection from the perspective of "enterprise service" rather than "media". It focuses on products, application cases and industrial landing of AI companies, screening out the most attention-worthy companies based on actual and objective industry performance.

Among which, the selection criteria of the “30 Most Innovative AI Products/Solutions of the Year” include: the products/solutions use indigenously-innovative AI technology, own good performance and high reliability, possess leading advantages and characteristics compared to similar products, meet the user application requirements, and have obtained certain users. In the winner list, Pensees is the only winner in the field of intelligent security.

The award-winning "multidimensional, informationized public security solution" is an intelligent one based on Pensees's intelligent vision-brain & applications. Pensees's intelligent vision-brain builds a city-level sensing network based on AI visual terminals. Massive video data of intelligent devices are collected for exercise of fully self-developed and full-stack technologies, including face recognition, vehicle recognition, pedestrian ReID, gesture recognition, voice recognition, automatic control, and video structuring. As such, overall structured analysis of real-time video images are realized and multidimensional data are generated to provide the basis for applications such as video enhancement and behavior analysis, deep mining of structured data. Meanwhile, with interconnected use of different factors and application of these data, deep-level applications can be built and widely used in multiple scenarios of smart city construction such as city management, public security, command and dispatch, and social services.

With core technologies including AI, IoT, data intelligence, cloud computing, mobile APP, "Pensees's multidimensional and informationized public security solution" can effectively ensure multidimensional and informationized security, global real-scene command and dispatch, comprehensively improving public security management, service and application, and creating a new model of public security construction.

"Cloud Security" and "Intelligence Security" are two important innovations of the solution. "Cloud Security" refers to the construction of a data cloud of public security. Data integration, transmission, application, operation and maintenance are implemented based on VPN private network. The combination of cloud and technology of multidimensional IoT perception big data analysis lays a data foundation for business development of public security. "Intelligence Security" refers to deep-level applications based on data, providing multidimensional scene-based AI applications for users of all levels regarding multidimensional security management. Release of this solution immediately received high recognition from the security industry and the solution has now achieved landing in many provinces across the country.

Pensees's standing out among many AI companies with its products and solutions owes to its consistent adherence to the "industry + AI" strategy. As one of the few companies in the market that truly has the "technology + product" dual-core driver, Pensees commits itself to vertical industries. Apart form continuously improving its full-stack solution capabilities of "algorithm + IoT + software + cloud", Pensees also insists on productization, obtaining ultimate advantages regarding product experience, speed, efficiency and cost via the AIoT full-stack integration model.

As intelligent security moves from 1.0 to the 2.0 era, the realization of single technical function is obviously difficult to meet the increasingly complex needs of public security. Yet, Pensees's digital, intelligent, multidimensional, structured and integrated platform products and full-stack solution capability cater to the mainstream trend of future development. Pensees's customers have covered more than 50 cities in China in less than 2 years after its establishment.

It is precisely because of its excellent productization and commercialization capabilities, that Pensees was also awarded the "2019 The Most Influential Security Brands Top 10" at the Lunar New Year Reception of National Security Industry, becoming a representative of second-stage AI companies. In the future, Pensees will continue to adhere to the "Industry + AI" strategy, commit to vertical industries, dig deep into scenarios for user needs, give full play to its latecomer advantages, and strive to become the world's leading visual AIoT platform, so as to push forward AI industrialization.

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