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  • Jane Shen

Deep Learning Week 2020 Industry Night by NTU MLDA Lab

I am honoured to be invited to NTU MLDA Lab @ EEE as part of the panelist for the Panel Discussion on “How AI will transform the post-Covid world”. Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister of Foreign Affairs & Minister-in-charge of The Smart Nation Initiative, gave his speech and key takeaways and pointers that resonate with us as a growing start-up in Singapore:

- Singapore government ICT spending in 2020 will be 30% increase, with focus on innovation and building long term capabilities.

- As part of national AI strategy, initial tranche of five national AI Projects in the areas of Education, Logistics, Smart Estates, Healthcare and Security. And will continue to identify other projects for AI deployment that will enable strong social and economic impact.

- The government has committed more than SGD$500million to fund AI activities under National Research Foundation

- Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2020 plan (RIE), and AI will remain main focus in RIE 2025 plan.

- Urged students to equip themselves with deep technical skills. We need to deepen Tech and AI capabilities in Singapore.

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