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2019 Ranking of China AI Leaders | Pensees Won the "TOP 50 Leaders of China's AI Industry"

December 6, 2019, Beijing – The most influential media in the field of Artificial Intelligence – QbitAI, hosted the MEET 2020 Intelligent Future Conference. With the theme "New Value, New Boundary, New Structure", the conference explored the opportunities and challenges in the process of intelligentization, reviewed 2019 and presented the 2020 foresight.

Ma Yuan, the founder and CEO of Pensees, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech on "The age of late-mover advantages for AI implementations: Industry opportunities and reconstruction of computer vision ". In addition, the "Annual Ranking of China's Artificial Intelligence 2019" was also unveiled at the conference. With its leading AI technology research and development strength and solid AI commercialization implementation ability, Pensees was awarded as the " TOP 50 Leaders of China's AI Industry ".

In his speech, Ma Yuan elaborated on the latest thinking and implementations of Pensees in the field of computer vision. Facing the huge blue ocean of computer vision market, driven by both technology and demand, AI companies need to have the final layout capability and full-stack solution capability, including "algorithm + IoT + software + cloud". Based on this, Pensees will build edge computing units with AI capability and computing power to meet the requirements of different application scenarios to create a leading AIoT platform to help the city's digital transformation.

At the same time, Ma Yuan said, "The implementation of AI has entered an era of late-mover advantages. The AI industry has begun to move from competitions of technological innovations to competitions of business models and implementing capability. The evaluation standards of AI companies must gradually move from fund raising scale, ranking in competitions over public dataset and technology empowerment, to deepen vertical scenarios, improvement in product experience and innovation of application services. "

According to the introduction of QbitAI, China's artificial intelligence industry was booming in 2019, and "commercial implementation" has become the keyword during the development of artificial intelligence. AI technology and the traditional industry have substantially merged to generate more economic value. The selection process of the TOP 50 Leaders of China's AI Industry in 2019 considered the company's capabilities in revenue generation, technological development, fund raising and comprehensive strength. The list of AI leaders focuses on 50 companies which has high capital, trusted by customers, with core technology and successful business. They are the mainstream players in China's AI field.

In 2019, Pensees progressed rapidly in the field of AI technology research and development and commercialization. The company's capabilities in technology development and revenue generation achieved significant breakthroughs, and hence, it was compellingly included in the " TOP 50 Leaders of China's AI Industry ".

In terms of technology research and development area, Pensees has set up the Pensees Singapore Research Institute and the Pensees Beijing Research Institute led by Jane Shen, a top scientist in the areas of computer vision and deep learning globally. Pensees established full-stack computer vision technology to cover all-scenes and all-elements. The algorithm team of Pensees has cumulatively won 33 top computer vision competition champions and started the development and innovation of scenario-oriented AI technology.

In terms of commercial implementations, Pensees has completed the in-house development of a series of products, which covers software and hardware, and provide end-to-end industry solutions for 16 specific scenarios in five major industries including AI + safe city, AI + smart community, AI + smart park, AI + intelligent transportation and AI + intelligent manufacturing, forming a commercial closed loop.

Up to now, Pensees has been running 100,000+ online front-end intelligent devices steadily, and the dynamic portrait database has exceeded 10 billion. Pensees’s industry solutions have been implemented in more than 50 cities across China, and its solutions has been used in many national large-scale events.

In the era of AI implementation, as a late-mover artificial intelligence company, Pensees has the core capabilities of computer vision for all scenarios. It will always adhere to the "industry + AI" strategy and has deepen into safe cities, smart communities, smart parks, intelligent transportation, and intelligent manufacturing and other fields. Driven by technologies and products, emphasizing user needs and implementation, it provides full-stack and end-to-end solutions including algorithms, software and hardware. It is committed to becoming the world's leading visual AIoT platform and promoting the implementation of AI industrialization.

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