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  • Jane Shen

100,000+ Developers Selected the 2019-2020 Top 5 Best AI Employers Among 100+ Enterprises

At the end of December 2019, the AI​​ Research Institute (AI研习社) launched the “2019-2020 Best AI Employers” selection, to break the information barrier between job seekers and recruiters, allow an efficient and quick match between both parties, promote the integration of enterprises and talents, and push forward steady industrial development. After months of voting, the results finally came out!

The selection attracted more than 100 AI enterprises, which covered vertical applications in various fields, including robotics, autonomous driving, and security. Enterprises provided developers for voting with their respective information on technological innovation, talent growth, organizational construction, and corporate welfare.

More than 100,000 developers participated in the voting, and eventually selected the top 5 companies in various AI sub-sectors. The selection had five lists: Ideal Enterprises for CV Engineers, Ideal Enterprises for NLP Engineers, Ideal Enterprises for Data Engineers, Ideal Enterprises for Deep Learning Engineers, and Ideal Enterprises for Robot Engineers. Community developers voted for the AI enterprises they like based on the information provided by the latter. Through the selection, academic youth, practitioners, and developers in the AI industry all could obtain valuable industry information.

The following are the enterprises awarded “2019-2020 Best AI Employers” (in no particular order):

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