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Pensees Releases Its Intelligent Non-contact Body Temperature Monitoring System

Many countries have fully entered the emergency state of "a nationwide fight against virus". Epidemic prevention in major cities across different countries has become more severe as prevention and control of virus spread, after the long holiday period of the lunar new year,  has entered a critical phase. Pensees leverages its AIoT technical advantages to release the Intelligent Non-contact Body Temperature Monitoring System. Through the deployment of different front-end devices such as a face recognition access control system with a body temperature monitoring module and a portable FR enforcement system with a built-in body temperature camera, fast screening and automatic alert can be conducted at public premises such as subways, airports, train stations, bus stations, schools, communities, and enterprises. This latest technology from Pensees can be used  to help curb the spread of virus.


Accurate and contactless body temperature sensing, real-time alert of person with fever.

Some new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia have proved the existence of asymptomatic infection, but "fever" is still an important symptom for screening and distinguishing infected people.

Traditional body temperature measuring by thermometers, temperature guns and other devices require frequent and close contacts with people, which is both dangerous and inefficient. With infrared thermal body temperature measuring, Pensees’s Intelligent Non-contact Body Temperature Monitoring System is able to achieve a maximum temperature deviation of multi-target at mid-to-long distance of 0.3°C, and a maximum temperature deviation for single-target at short distance of 0.2°C, in the body temperature range of 30°C~45°C. In this way, efficiency and accuracy of body temperature screening are greatly improved, enabling timely and efficient measures to be taken in case of infection.

Equipped with Pensees’s inhouse-developed technologies including face recognition and person re-identification, the Intelligent Non-contact Body Temperature Monitoring System will issue real-time alert in forms of voice message, lighting and etc. when abnormal body temperature is detected. The person’s face image will also be captured and used to check the history of the person in the centralized image data. This can greatly help relevant staff quickly locate the person with fever and his/her close contacts for blockage, further detection and medical observation. Meanwhile, body temperature and face comparison records will be synchronized to the back-end platform to facilitate subsequent tracing.


Three operation modes for fast and flexible deployment

Pensees provides three differentiated operation modes for scenario-based deployment, including: long-distance contactless initial body temperature screening from designated sites, initial body temperature screening integrated with access control, enterprises body temperature screening of personnel entering office.

Fast and flexible deployment can be adopted at premises with crowds of high density and traffic such as railway stations, bus stations, airports, subways, hospitals and schools. Pensees’s portable body temperature monitoring system consists of portable main processing unit (MPU) and thermal imaging camera (black body optional), enabling flexible deployment, local networking and high accuracy. Simultaneous temperature detection of up to 16 targets with a maximum distance of 3 meters is supported. Owing to strong concurrent processing capability of the system, up to 4 thermal cameras can be connected to one device. Large-scale and less risky body temperature measurement can be realized on premises with crowds of high density and traffic by only a few workers.

The body temperature monitoring system can work with the intelligent FR access control, turnstile, visitor management systems to achieve contactless body temperature screening of incoming and outgoing personnel at entrances of office buildings, government buildings, communities and apartments. In case of persons with fever detected, passage shall be blocked and notifications be sent to persons in charge for subsequent manual intervention. A plug-and-play module design with options of temperature measurement, fingerprint recognition, and IC card reading is adopted as an add-on module to existing Pensees FR access control system.

In the current situation of personnel entering workplace in their enterprises and institutions, Pensee's all-in-one product of face recognition, temperature measurement, and visitor management also caters to the demand for temperature monitoring of personnel entering office with efficient and accurate identification, temperature screening and statistical functions.

"Life is of paramount importance. When an epidemic breaks out, it is our responsibility to prevent and control it." Prevention and control of the epidemic requires the participation of all people. Pensees is contributed to the fight with the coronavirus by providing its latest technology.

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