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Chief Scientist and Managing Director at Pensees Singapore



Expertise in:

AI, Deep Learning, Face & Image Recognition, Autonomous Driving

15 years of expertise on Image Recognition
Utilising Deep Learning, achieved World No.1 position in NIST IJB-A and MS-Cele-1M Face Challenge in 2017-2018. Achieved recent World No.1 position for Person reID, City Challenge. Technologies developed have been deployed in many products and applications. And together with my team, we have built most of the required technologies with AI deep learning and worked extensively on Autonomous Vehicle projects.

Solid past in leading Core Technologies development that includes AI, Deep Learning and 3D. Spot on in finding strategies and directions in R&D for the company, reinforced with solid technical background and insightful thinking as such allowing teams to be led with strong business acumen and far-sighted vision.

Results-oriented and driven management approach, coupled with deploy-able application focused development, in addition to compelling leadership with a humble attitude and always leading by example.

Highly skilled in technology and solutions evaluation, creation and promotion of sound business models, which are beneficial skills valued by venture investment companies, allowing start-ups to quickly penetrate into the market and generate profit

Wide range of experience in audio/video compression and coding, digital rights management, camera and sensor processing, computer vision, which can be applied in many domains, such as AV products, securities and surveillance, DTV/DVD, automotive, sensor device, content authoring, delivering and receding, etc. Filed more than 100 patents.

Very proficient in system and architecture design, especially in system solution with wide range of experience, backed with solid concepts and strong business sense linked to user values.

Excellent record in expanding teams, managing teams optimally with short and long term visions and goals and enabling teams to build core competencies and competent technologies as their valuable assets.

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R&D work that Jane is leading in Pensees Technology mainly focuses on Computer Vision and AI technology development- algorithm design to AI deployment in various platform including H/W and S/W and cloud.

Face Technology:
Face detection, face tracking, face quality assessment, face recognition for image and video, face anti-spoofing, face attributes, face expression, face super resolution, face pose estimation, 3D Face frontalization;

Face alignment, face parsing, face segmentation, 3D face reconstruction, face swapping, 3D Face modelling;

Person understanding:
Human detection, tracking, Person reID, human pose estimation, human parsing, human attributes, person behaviour analysis;

Car Sensing:
Car detection, tracking, car reID, car license number recognition, car type/model/color recognition, car attributes, car behaviour analysis;

Other Object detection and tracking and classification:
Other Object detection and tracking and classification including motorbike, bicycle, tricycle, and other specific objects;

Crowd estimation, anomaly detection, video digest and video summary, AI quality assessment;

Image and video enhancement:
Super Resolution, Deblur, low light image enhancement, DeNoise, DeRain

Movable Robots:
Navigation, localization including visual SLAM, planning, perception with 2D/3D sensors, controlling including deep reinforcement learning;

Embedded Solutions:
H/W and S/W oriented AI module customization, and performance optimization including Knowledge Distillation, model compression, pruning, quantization, AutoML Model design;

3D reconstruction:
SLAM, Perception, Semantic scene understanding;

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